5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades

I always tell my clients a kitchen may be the most used room
in your house and runs the risk of looking tired, outdated, overwhelmed or all
three.  But in a jam packed world of
obligations and work, it’s often hard to get yourself motivated to take on a
mammoth project like remodeling your kitchen.  Especially when it seems like all of your
friends tell you stories lamenting on how their kitchen renovation took months
to complete, tens of thousands of dollars, and enough takeout to form
long-lasting relationships with all the cashiers at the local fast food
joints!  However, there are some small,
simple, and relatively inexpensive ways to ways to update your kitchen area
that will bring it out of the 80’s and make you and your family fight over who
gets to do the dishes.  (Okay, I can’t
promise that last part, but it will
look great, add functionality, and up the value of your home.)  Below are my top 5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades to
revitalize the heart of your home:

  1. Ditch the Kitchen Desks: A
    lot of older kitchens were designed with a desk as a part of the design.  It is no secret that they typically
    become the junk pile with over flowing mail, bills and other miscellaneous
    items. These desks can easily be removed, kitchen height cabinets can be
    made to match the existing ones, and WHALA!  This simple fix is a two’fer: you not
    only have more kitchen countertop space at the original counter height,
    but you also have increased your kitchen storage!
  2. Update your Lighting: With minor
    electrical work plus a little drywall repair and a fresh coat of paint on
    the ceiling, you can tackle the below upgrades. These efforts will surely
    pay off in the end by creating a relaxing ambience and pleasing

    • Get
      rid of that terrible fluorescent lighting and install a few recessed can lights as the main sources
      of light in the kitchen.
    • Add
      a few pendant lights above a
      peninsula or island to give your kitchen a little “POP.” Have fun with
      the color and design of pendants, as they can be changed out later on
      easily if you tire of them.
    • Install
      under cabinet lights to improve
      the lighting of your workspace in the evenings or to keep on as night
      lights for that midnight ice cream snack.
  3. Countertop Overhaul: Countertops
    are an essential part of the kitchen, but many trends installed in the
    past years have become dated-looking.  The hardest part about replacing
    countertops is picking the new material and color.  Once you have that nailed down, you can
    switch them out in about a week.
  4. Add a Backsplash: With or without
    replacing your countertops, you can add a bit of color and texture to your
    kitchen with a backsplash.  To punch
    it up even more with a touch of your personality, work a tile medallion into the pattern
    above the range or cook top.  Medallions
    can be found in home improvement stores and in bargain bins as inexpensively
    as $75.
  5. Install a Second Sink: In just about every kitchen remodel that I do
    these days, I suggest installing a second sink, especially if there are
    two chefs in the family.  It may
    seem like an extravagant feature to have, but this additional prep sink
    doesn’t have to be large.  A small
    bar sink would serve the purpose of giving additional prep and veggie
    washing space.  Let me tell you
    first hand that every single family that did install this extra sink
    absolutely loves it and they don’t know how they ever cooked a meal
    without it.  Although this project
    may be a little more complex than the others, it’s worth considering,
    especially if you are already in the mindset of replacing the countertops.

These 5 relatively simple and quick projects can drastically
improve the look and functionality of your kitchen within a matter of
weeks!  Before you go and start ripping
up your kitchen, you should always consider hiring a professional kitchen remodeler to assist you in your renovations.  Catch up on my prior blog posts to learn tips
and tricks on how to hire a good remodeler and what remodeler reference questions to ask other homeowners
to educate yourself on what to watch out for in shady contractors.  And remember, Tracy Tesmer Remodeling is here
to help you with anything from small handyman services
to large additions.