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Here are a few questions submitted by visitors and answers from Tracy.


All I hear from my garbage disposer is a low hum so I believe it’s jammed but there is nothing in it that I can find. What can I use to unjam it? – Mia Gabrielle


More than likely your unit came with an allen wrench style tool shaped like a letter “S”. It is usually attached to the bottom or side of the unit. Some plumbers tape these to the cabinet door or other obvious place. To begin BE SURE THE SWITCH IS OFF! If do not, the quarter horsepower or better motor will break your wrists when it gets unjammed. It’s probably even wiser just to unplug the unit altogether. Now insert the tool into the hole on the bottom of the disposal unit. Gently twist it either way. What you’re trying to do is move that bottom plate. Once you do, you should have dislodged the item that jammed your unit.



Q – I have ugly water stains in my toilet. Can you suggest a solution for removing them?

– Michelle Stewart

A – There are several commercial products that would do the trick, but let me suggest an eco-friendly solution that can be done with simple, inexpensive products.

  1. Drain the water from your toilet bowl
  2. Pour a 2 liter of cola the affected area and allow it to set for 4-6 hours
  3. Use a pumice stone to scrub away the loosened deposits. The pumice stone should not scratch the surface as long as you do not scrub too hard.

If deposits remain, simply repeat these simple steps once more.

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