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Debunking 5 Age-in-Place Design Myths

There are many misconceptions about Age-in-Place design. These misperceptions are unfortunate, because it’s a type of design that can benefit far more people than seniors alone. Continue reading as we debunk some common Age-in-Place myths. Myth 1:  Only seniors need to consider an Age-in-Place remodel This kind of remodel is […]

Light up the room by renovating your fireplace

The fireplace should be a star of the show in your home, not the weakest link. As the weather cools down and you get ready to cozy up, consider the many ways you can remodel your fireplace. Floating Shelves/Bookshelves Choosing to add bookshelves or floating shelves to surround your fireplace […]

Four tips for choosing the right contractor for your remodel

Homeowners who are ready to remodel or renovate will make many decisions throughout the project, but none is more important that choosing a quality contractor/remodeler. Before you make your final choice consider these tips! Think Local Not only is supporting local business a good idea, but choosing a remodeler who […]

Remodel your home office for maximum productivity

Since 2005, the number of individuals in the U.S. who work from home has increased by 115 percent. Currently, more than 3.7 million employees report working from home at least part time. To ensure maximum productivity, the home office should be well-organized and inviting. Today, we explore several ways to […]