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Add a taste of the great outdoors at home!

Outdoor living spaces have been a popular design and renovation trend for the past several years and they’re here to stay. With most people still spending more time at home and better material options, outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever. Decks and patios, specifically, have long been a […]

Decisions, decisions: Making the most out of the selections process

The selections process is what we call the system for choosing all of the products and materials that will be used in putting together your home or commercial remodel. This can be overwhelming for many, mostly because it’s sometimes difficult to know just where to begin. But being organized from […]

What type of wood flooring is right for you?

Wood or wood-look flooring options have been popular for a while now, and their look and quality have only been getting better. There are options out there for every budget, but let’s look at some pros and cons of each type. Types of wood flooring First, let’s talk about the […]

2022 Spotlight Colors Inspire Creativity, Fresh Starts

Are you looking for a color to freshen up your space? If yes, then 2022 is your year! Themes of relaxation and renewal are all the chatter in color trends for 2022. We have all had a couple of hard years and most of us are more than ready for […]

New year means new ideas, especially from two years ago

It’s a new year again, and in a world that looks a lot different than it did two years ago, trends in home and design continue to change. More people continue to work from home and need spaces that can multi-task. With people spending more time at home now than […]