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Household Hazardous Material: Keeping Your Family Safe

With all of the news about light bulb regulations in the news these days, I thought it would be a good time to give some safety reminders about handling the disposal of CFLs and other hazardous household materials. Continue reading to learn which very common household products are considered “hazardous” and not permitted to be disposed in everyday garbage pickup.

Residential Remodeling in Hall County, GA

Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling has been a leading residential remodeling service in Hall County for years, with much of its success due to the quality of work, dependability and experience of the contractors, project managers and not to mention Tracy Tesmer’s dedication to your satisfaction. Tracy Tesmer Remodeling employs the design/build […]

Home Renovations in Oakwood, GA

With many satisfied clients in the Oakwood, GA area, Tracy Tesmer Remodeling can be considered a top home remodeling firm with extensive experience in the design/build.  For homeowners seeking high-quality renovations or additions, Tracy Tesmer Remodeling is your perfect solution.  Our designers and remodelers are some of the best in […]