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Top 3 Kitchen Design Complaints

It’s important to have a well-designed kitchen in order to keep up with the daily chaos of your family’s life and maintain the beauty and functionality of your home. The following are the top 3 kitchen design complaints I always hear from homeowners, and some ways to solve them. Do your kitchen pet-peeves make the list?

Small Projects with Big Impacts

Most people have a mental list of “if money weren’t an issue” renovations they would tackle throughout their homes. However, just because most of us aren’t winning the lottery any time soon doesn’t mean we can’t do any improvements to make our homes more customized for our living. Continue reading to discover how small projects on small budgets will make a huge impact that will make your house feel more your home.

Finishing Your Basement: Is It Worth It?

If your family needs more space, but is unable or unwilling to move, you may find that finishing your basement will solve both problems. There are other options to building up instead of moving out, but continue reading to see why basement remodels are your best choice.