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Evolving Trends in Home Design

While the world has been in an upheaval over nearly the past year now, people are focusing more than ever on health, family, and their home. 2020 has encouraged trends in home design that emphasize flexibility, cleanliness, and comfort. While spending so much extra time at home, people are realizing […]

Benefits of Universal Design and Age in Place Remodeling

By 2030, the youngest of an estimated 73 million Baby Boomers will have reached age 65. Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation of Americans represents more than 21% of our country’s population. But whether you’re 55, 74 or somewhere in between, it’s wise to start thinking about where you […]

Choosing exterior materials and styles for your home

Turn on any home renovation show and more than likely, you’re going to be wowed by sweeping interior remodeling shots. And rightfully so. After all, it’s common to spend more time inside than outside. However, your home’s exterior not only creates a first impression, it sets the tone for your […]

Remodeling Non-Traditional Spaces

When it comes to home remodeling, the first rooms that come to mind are kitchens and bathrooms because they tend to show their age the fastest.  However, there are many other rooms or creative ways to update other spaces in your home to make them more functional for you. Remodeling […]