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Avoid the Contractor Bait and Switch & Financially Risky Remodelers

In the 11th segment in my 19 Secrets to Top Home Remodeling, you’ll read about two more remodeler no-no’s. One may affect the quality of your project, but the other might leave you with without finished project or a refund. Continue reading to learn how to spot the sneaky sub-contractor bait and switch, and avoid financially risky remodelers.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Part 3: Outdoor Kitchens

Although outdoor kitchens are a relatively new concept in terms of remodeling, they are quickly gaining traction and advancing in popularity. Once seen as just an opportunity for grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, the outdoor kitchen is now becoming much more fully functional. Continue reading to see how outdoor kitchens may fit with your family’s lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Part 2: Live-In Kitchens

Kitchen Island Entertaining

If you are kicking around ideas for a future kitchen renovation, stop and think about how you’d like to use it. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate some living and working space in addition to the standard cooking amenities? More and more people are realizing the value of a live-in kitchen and are incorporating that idea in to their kitchen remodeling. Keep reading to get some ideas and see some examples on how to make your kitchen work for your lifestyle.