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Age in Place Questions to Ask

We have discussed the term “age in place” before on our blog, and with good reason: as we age and our ability level declines, it is important that the place we call home evolves with us and stays a place that we can easily access and move around in. Safety, […]

Age in Place Myths

By now you have no doubt heard the phrase “Aging in Place”, also known as Universal Design. If you are unfamiliar with either phrase, it is essentially a home design method that aims to allow you to stay in your home as you age and your ability level decreases. Like […]

Universal Design and Age In Place Remodeling

As we grow older, and the desire to stay in the homes that we have created so many memories in gets stronger, we often have to make modifications to our houses to accommodate for our aging bodies. This process is known as aging in place – a topic we have […]

Kitchen Remodeling and Aging in Place

The kitchen area in a home is vital for many reasons – some obvious and some not so obvious. Aside from being a place where we prepare meals, dispose of garbage, and grab a quick drink, kitchens play a pivotal role in most of the major holidays, serving as a middle ground for families and friends to convene, share old memories, and – just as important – make new ones. In this article, we will take a look at some home remodeling ideas to make your kitchen friendly for family members of all ages and ability level.