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Do or do not? Make the right call when it comes to DIY

Even the most experienced do-it-yourself homeowners should know that some projects are better left to the professionals. Use this blog as a DIY guide when remodeling or redecorating your home. DOs Put your skills to the test! These projects are DIY safe. Backsplash Tiling a backsplash is a great place […]

Spring is the perfect time to remember: Don’t neglect your deck

Man Cleaning Deck

We recently provided tips to tidy up during spring cleaning, but don’t forget to spread the love to your home’s exterior in the process. Your deck is exposed throughout the year so establishing a routine to safeguard and properly maintain it will prevent expensive repairs later. Following these simple steps […]

Curb appeal ideas to add value to your home

If it’s true that you never get a second chance at a first impression, then taking care of your home’s exterior is crucial. In our previous blog entry we discussed how homeowners are undertaking landscape projects to boost curb appeal and make their yards stand out. While nice landscaping certainly […]

DIY Pest Control Hacks for Homeowners

Summer is here, and along with it comes the usual bevy of sunny days, weekend parties and, unfortunately, bugs. But never fear, these summertime party poopers don’t stand a chance against this week’s blog subject: DIY Pest control tips for homeowners!

Father’s Day Gifts for Handy Dads

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and what better time than now to begin searching for that special gift to show your appreciation to your resident handyman and DIY fixer? If your father or husband is a home improvement guru, there is no better gift that you can give than a […]