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3 Questions to Ask Before a Bathroom Remodel

You have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom for a while now, have saved all your pennies, and have the number of a reputable bathroom remodeler. Before you dial, however, there are some serious questions you should ask yourself before undertaking your bathroom project.

Avoid These Common Contractor Scams

In this week’s blog post, we are going to discuss some common scams bad contractors use to rip-off home owners and teach you red flags to look out for.

How To Fund Your Home Improvement Project

If you are looking to remodel or renovate your home, odds are you will need to consider financing options — especially if involves a major home improvement project. Even if you are flush with cash, you may decide that you do not want to plunk down a large sum of […]

Home Remodeling Contractor Red Flags

We have all been there: sitting in our living room or walking out to the driveway to check the mail, when a stranger approaches us with the home improvement deal of a lifetime. It sounds too good to be true and guess what — it is.

How to Spot a Bad Contractor

Finding the right home remodeler can be a difficult task, and while we have covered the basics of how to find a good remodeling professional, we have not discussed how to spot a bad contractor in a while. With that in mind, I want to discuss some ways you can easily spot one of these scoundrels from a mile away.