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22 Important Remodeler Reference Check Questions to Ask Other Homeowners

When you are about to make a major purchase or investment, do you turn to your friends and families for advice? If so, you are not alone. Referrals and positive recommendations go a long way in the mind of someone who wants to make 100% sure they choose the right brand, company or service provider.

In this post I’ll give you 22 important questions to ask other homeowners on their experiences and satisfaction with past remodelers. Of course there are the obvious “did you like the finished product?” and “did they stay on schedule?” questions that should immediately clue you in to their quality of work. But continue reading to get the full list of questions you may not have thought to ask, but sorely wished you would have, when you find yourself knee deep in a home remodeling disaster.

How to Hire a Remodeler
Part 2: First Face-to-Face Meeting

Once you’ve put together your “short list” of potential home remodelers, how do you know which one is right for you? This post will give you guidance on what questions to ask and what to be on the lookout for once you get to the next step of meeting the builder for the first time.