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When it comes to renovations, measure twice, renovate once

When it comes to renovating, whether a whole house or a single room, it’s all about space: how is the current space being used (functioning/not functioning), and how do you want it to be used? Most renovations focus on changes to existing spaces, so making sure you know what you […]

Countertops: How to choose & maintain the best material for you

At the end of remodel projects, we are frequently asked about material upkeep and maintenance. Having the best hard surfaces in your home requires special care to maintain and preserve them. Based on your specific countertop material, it is important to use the right cleaning agents and procedures. These tips […]

To move or remodel, that is the question

There are times when remodeling your home is the best option, and there are other times where moving is the best option to getting your dream home. The decision can be a difficult one so it’s important to consider all the factors. 6 things to consider when deciding to move […]

Common Home Design Mistakes

Whether you are undertaking a small DIY project or a major renovation or new home build, there are so many components to consider. Arguably, the most important things are planning and attention to detail.  So, what are some of the mistakes we see happen when remodeling or designing a home? […]

Open floor plan versus traditional: which is better? 

There has been a lot of discussion about open concept house plans versus traditional over the past couple of decades. With the explosion of popular HGTV shows, everyone was knocking down as many walls as possible to create open floor plans, it seemed. But once people lived in the spaces […]