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Disasters Happen, but These Tips Will Help You Prepare and Repair

Recently, we discussed how to prepare your home for the winter months. While we can always expect and prepare for chilling temperatures, ice and possible snow, we typically are not as proactive when it comes to dealing with unexpected home disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes. This week we take […]

Spring is the perfect time to remember: Don’t neglect your deck

Man Cleaning Deck

We recently provided tips to tidy up during spring cleaning, but don’t forget to spread the love to your home’s exterior in the process. Your deck is exposed throughout the year so establishing a routine to safeguard and properly maintain it will prevent expensive repairs later. Following these simple steps […]

Roofing Safety Tips

If you are thinking about undertaking some DIY projects around the home, safety should be your first priority. This is especially true if your home projects involve your home’s roof. A simple mistake or wrong move can lead to disastrous results. The roofing safety tips in this week’s article will […]

Safety Tips for DIY and Home Remodeling Projects

If you are contemplating a home remodel or DIY project, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While most homeowners undertaking home improvements focus on budget and aesthetics, many tend to overlook potential hazards this type of work can entail. To help keep your fingers and toes […]

Electrical Safety Tips for Remodeling Your Home

When it comes to home improvement, remodeling and DIY home projects, electricity is no laughing matter. When performing electrical work, even the most simple of mistakes can cause a fire – or worse, result in personal tragedy. Even outside of home projects, knowing the signs of electrical danger is important, […]