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Spring maintenance helps keep your home running year-round

Spring is officially in the air. And that means it’s a great time to do some Spring cleaning around the house. That includes both the exterior and interior of your home. Spring Maintenance Musts Exterior Tasks When it comes to the outside of your house, there are several areas to […]

Benefits of Universal Design and Age in Place Remodeling

By 2030, the youngest of an estimated 73 million Baby Boomers will have reached age 65. Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation of Americans represents more than 21% of our country’s population. But whether you’re 55, 74 or somewhere in between, it’s wise to start thinking about where you […]

Disasters Happen, but These Tips Will Help You Prepare and Repair

Recently, we discussed how to prepare your home for the winter months. While we can always expect and prepare for chilling temperatures, ice and possible snow, we typically are not as proactive when it comes to dealing with unexpected home disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes. This week we take […]

Spring is the perfect time to remember: Don’t neglect your deck

Man Cleaning Deck

We recently provided tips to tidy up during spring cleaning, but don’t forget to spread the love to your home’s exterior in the process. Your deck is exposed throughout the year so establishing a routine to safeguard and properly maintain it will prevent expensive repairs later. Following these simple steps […]