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Top 3 Kitchen Design Complaints

It’s important to have a well-designed kitchen in order to keep up with the daily chaos of your family’s life and maintain the beauty and functionality of your home. The following are the top 3 kitchen design complaints I always hear from homeowners, and some ways to solve them. Do your kitchen pet-peeves make the list?

Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Part 2: Live-In Kitchens

Kitchen Island Entertaining

If you are kicking around ideas for a future kitchen renovation, stop and think about how you’d like to use it. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate some living and working space in addition to the standard cooking amenities? More and more people are realizing the value of a live-in kitchen and are incorporating that idea in to their kitchen remodeling. Keep reading to get some ideas and see some examples on how to make your kitchen work for your lifestyle.

5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades

I always tell my clients a kitchen may be the most used room in your house and runs the risk of looking tired, outdated, overwhelmed or all three. But in a jam packed world of obligations and work, it’s often hard to get yourself motivated to take on a mammoth project like remodeling your kitchen. Keep reading to learn 5 small, simple, and relatively inexpensive ways to ways to update your kitchen area that will bring it out of the 80’s and make you and your family fight over who gets to do the dishes.