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Light up the room by renovating your fireplace

The fireplace should be a star of the show in your home, not the weakest link. As the weather cools down and you get ready to cozy up, consider the many ways you can remodel your fireplace. Floating Shelves/Bookshelves Choosing to add bookshelves or floating shelves to surround your fireplace […]

Remodeling 101: What to Expect

Perhaps you’ve decided to remodel your current space instead of moving elsewhere. The process is exciting as you have the opportunity to watch your home transform before your eyes. But the final product does not come without a cost. Knowing what to prepare for can save time and money down […]

Finishing Your Basement: Is It Worth It?

If your family needs more space, but is unable or unwilling to move, you may find that finishing your basement will solve both problems. There are other options to building up instead of moving out, but continue reading to see why basement remodels are your best choice.