Design Tips for Your Bathroom

If you think about it, we spend more time in the master,
hall and half baths in our homes than we probably realize.   It
tends to be the first and last room you use at the start and end of each day
and it’s the room most often seen and used by any visitors to your home.   Because they get so much use, these rooms in your
house run a higher risk of looking run down.  However, with a careful eye trained on both
design and function, you can transform your dulled bathroom into an artful
masterpiece.  The hardest part of
redesigning a bathroom can be finding some ideas to get your creative juices
flowing.  To help jump start your
brainstorming sessions, I have compiled a helpful list of some bathroom design
tips and ideas for you to consider:

Quick-Fix Bathroom Design Considerations

  • Mirrors: Mirrors are an important element of bathroom design
    that can completely alter the look of the room.  You can use mirrors to add depth, décor, and
    even the illusion of more space to a small, dull looking bathroom.   I
    recommend matching your mirror to the vanity and lighting of the room to create
    a more well put together look.   If you are
    trying to do a quick, cheap upgrade without taking on an entire remodel,
    consider adding custom mirror frames from a company like MirrorMate
    which will greatly improve the look of those boring, builder grade mirrors.
  • Accessories:  Accessories
    selected especially for a bathroom can help to take away the cold, hard look
    often found by an emphasis on functionality.  You might want to select plush rugs, elegant
    window coverings, artwork, comfortable furniture, or flowers to add warmth to
    your space.  You’ll be amazing how much
    small touches like these can do to enhance the room you visit first every
  • Flooring: Flooring is an important design element that often
    gets overlooked.  Flooring such as ceramic
    tiles add a beautiful accent to any room and you can even install radiant
    heating under flooring to keep your feet warm on those cold winter mornings.  Beyond mirrors and accessories, your floor is
    an area in your bathroom that can easily be upgraded without changing major
    fixtures such as showers, vanities or tubs. 
  • Lighting:  Decisions
    on the type of lighting is an important, yet often overlooked, part of your
    bathroom.  To start, if you have that
    yellowed fan/heater/overhead light stuck p in the middle of your ceiling, then
    it’s time to make a change.  I recommend
    using soft light over the bath, which can be achieved with a wall dimmer
    connected to any lighting.  For the vanity,
    there are hundreds of different wall sconces from which to choose.  A sparkling chandelier overhead can add a
    special touch of luxury, or a small table lamp placed on the counter or
    dressing table area as an extra touch of personality.

Long Range Bathroom Design Considerations

  • Bath Tubs: If you’re the type of person who likes to take
    long soaks in the tub, a classic clawfoot bathtub might be a good choice for
    you.  They can add a real sense of charm
    to your bathroom while providing you with a comfortable place to relax.  Bath lovers should also consider jet powered
    and spa tubs which give you a great way of relaxing after a hard day at work or
    a tough afternoon workout.
  • Showers:  If baths
    aren’t your thing, not to worry.  A while
    back, I voiced my opinion on whether bath tubs were necessary in a master bath.  Spoiler alert: you don’t stick
    one in just to please the next homeowner!  For you shower lovers, the trend these days is
    for clean lines with frameless glass shower enclosures.  Also popular are customized jet shower heads,
    like the His and Hers shower project I finished recently (see top left photo).

Transforming your cold, dreary bath into your own personal
sanctuary may not be easy.  However, if
you remember to add elements of comfort and practicality, coupled with elegance
and luxury then you will be excited to get out of bed every morning!