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As we age, the desire to stay in our home – the place where we created a lifetime of fond memories – can become important. Unfortunately, this may not always be an option, as our needs and ability to maneuver around our home change with time. But it may not be necessary to begin your search for a new home – perhaps all you need is a little age in place friendly home addition.Home Additions Age in PlaceAge in place – or senior-friendly home design as it is sometimes called – is the art of making your current home accessible and functional for family members of all ages and ability levels. Sometimes this can be achieved through age in place remodeling or age in place renovation projects. In other cases, you may need to consider a home addition.If you anticipate caring for an elderly loved one, maybe a bedroom addition – complete with a bathroom and walk-in closet – is what the doctor ordered. Don’t have space to expand or want to take advantage of existing living areas? Garage or basement remodels are also an option.If space is not an issue and you want to provide your family member with the comfort of their old home, building an age in place friendly in-law suite is a good way to ensure everyone’s privacy is respected and alleviate any “cramped” spaces you would feel from converting existing living quarters.Unsure how to begin planning your senior-friendly home addition? Tracy Tesmer is an expert at age in place home design and will be glad to work with you to create a safe, accessible environment for family members of any ability level or age.If you live in the Gainesville, GA or North Georgia area – such as Braselton, Dawsonville, or Flowery Branch – and are looking for help with a home addition project, give Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling a call to discuss your options. Looking for more age in place home addition tips and ideas? Check out our blog or view one of the articles below:

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